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The Power of Fire
The Power of Fire is a powerful story set against the explosive political background of the Middle East The story opens just at the time of the dwindling popularity of the Shah in Iran.

Sharon Stem, Jewish and bom in Iran, leads a dangerous double life as en active member of on outlawed Zionist movement. However she’s bed tired of forever looking over her shoulder she want out, out of Iran for good.

One day in 1953 Sharon sets out to flee the country with a group of Jewish refugees. On that some fateful day Darius Razdi, right hand to the Shah, also flees the highly volatile situation building up in the street of Tehran, were rioters are protesting against the pro-Western regime. Darius is a fervent follower of the ancient Persian religion of Zarathushtra, and he has a vision: 4 New World Empire, with Iran’s vast supplies of oil holding the world to ransom.

Darius needs a son to follow in his footsteps, and when he meets her, Darius sees in Sharon the mother of his child. Blinded by his fanaticism, he rapes her; that night Sharon manages in escape his clutches and Rees Iran. Sam Hofman, with whom she falls in love and marries soon afterwards, helps her. Nine months Later she bears a son, Simon. But whose is it? Sam or Darius? Years later Sharon and Sam’s peace is shattered when Darius sets out to find the boy he believes to be his son. Once again Sharon is on the run.

As Darius’ agents close in on Sharon and her son, Sam is killed. Sharon realises confrontation is the only answer, however dangerous for herself and her son. Iran is now a melting pot of revolution, but Darius has only one objective — o son to help him, rule in his fanatic obsession.
Sharon is kidnapped and taken in Darius’ invincible palace, Chinvat, home to the worshippers of Zarathushtra. Simon sets out to rescue her bringing the story to a chilling and dramatic climax in the temple of the Sacred Fire, where good triumphs over evil.

“The Power of Fire” is a thriller set mainly in the Middle East and Europe — a story of a woman’s fight to find peace in a situation over which she has no control.

The Power of Fire
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